Piña colada Cocktail bomb
Piña colada Cocktail bomb
Piña colada Cocktail bomb
Piña colada Cocktail bomb

Piña colada Cocktail bomb

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🍸Explode Your Cocktails with Flavor!🍸

This Cocktail bomb is full of dehydrated Pineapple  and Coconut and loaded with vitamins.

The Cocktail bomb is made with natural ingredients and specifically designed to enhance the flavor in your drink. This bomb will add flavor to any cocktail mocktail. It can be paired with Gin, vodka, water, or even beer.

NOTE: this bomb is designed with real fruit pieces to release slowly untill desired sweetness and taste is obtain and it is normal to to take a few minutes depending on the flavor, bombs does not need to dissolve completely to enhance the flavor and can be taken out when the preferred sweetness or flavor is obtained. 


Contains 8 Cocktail bombs.  Each bomb makes 1 or 2 drinks, depending on your personal taste, sweetness, etc.Cocktail stick included. 




 Add your favorite soda, tonic, beer in a glass and simply drop one cocktail ball to see it dissolved into yumminess. For less sweet, use unsweetened soda or sparkling water or use 50% soda & 50% tonic.   Flavour 250ml up to 500ml. 
Add alcohol to preference,  Stir, blend,  top with ice and garnish.

Note: Small particles of fruit visible

All cocktail bombs are made fresh every day and therefore expect Typically 3-5 working day before shipping depending on demand. 


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